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Davino Antique Clocks

Keep it running for the next hundred years.

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Specializing in American 19th century shelf and wall clocks.

  • All work is completed in a timely manner, generally 1 month or less including test run period. Larger jobs may take longer.

Types of Service:
  • Inspection and maintenance oiling with quality synthetic oil.
  • Replacement and lubrication of mainsprings.
  • Simple cleanings.
  • Bushings installed.
  • Beat and escapement adjustments/service.
  • Replacement or fabrication of broken/missing parts where possible.
  • Complete movement  overhauls.
  • Service for brass OR wood works movements, spring or weight driven.
  • Minor case restoration and polishing.
  • New mechanical movements installed.
  • New home set-up after a move.
  • Insurance appraisals.
  • Consignment sales of antique clocks.
It is recommended that antique clocks be checked and oiled every 2-4 years to maintain proper operation. Clocks are machines, and machines require regular maintenance to operate efficiently.
Complete movement overhauls will consist of the following service:
  1. Complete disassembly and hand cleaning of all parts.
  2. Inspection for damage and other needs.
  3. Repair/replace faulty parts, as needed.
  4. Polish all pivots, as needed.
  5. Clean out and smooth pivot holes.
  6. Install bushings in worn pivot holes.
  7. Clean and lubricate mainspings if applicable.
  8. Resurface/polish verge pallets, as needed.
  9. Service escape wheel teeth, as needed.
  10. Install new weight cords if applicable.
  11. Assemble, oil, and set up movement.
  12. Install movement in case and set beat to run on level surface. Test run and adjust for 1 or more weeks, or as otherwise needed.
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Seth Thomas regulator, c. 1885, after cleaning. Ready for overhaul.